Sip & Roll

Jack's Sip & Roll Experience Having a small group of friends over or just want to try something different. Try Tijuana Jack's Sip & Roll Experience where you will hand roll your own cigars sip spirits and get real background knowledge about cigars and cigar culture. But the amazing part is we even come to you. We are 100% mobile we can come to any location. For more information or book your experience email us Look for us on Groupon and Air BnB experience.

Frequently asked questions and answers


(Q) How long is the sip and roll experience

(A) 90 mins

(Q) What will take place.

(A) depending on the location the 1st 15 to 20 mins you will make drinks or the instructor will make you drinks. After that he will explain to you about cigars and the Process of rolling them. After that the fun begins and you start rolling your own cigars and let magic happen.

(Q) How many cigars will you be rolling?

(A) 3 to 4 cigars depending on time

(Q) Can we bring our own liquor

(A) yes or you can sip on something that we provide

(Q) How much does it cost

(A) $40

(Q) How many people at a time.

(A) No less then 6 no more than 10